November 6, 2019

With the recent ban of PMD on footpaths, we saw large inquiries from PMD users looking to switch to PABs. Many have asked us, and here are the top 21 frequently asked questions:

1. What is PAB?

PAB stands for Power Assisted Bicycles. It is basically a bicycle, a proven and tested transport apparatus in the last 200 years, modernized with added battery powered motor for extra convenience and comfort

2. What is PMD?

Personal Mobility Devices like electric scooter, unicycle, fiido, dyu, electric hoverboard and such are basically a battery dependent motorized gadget that evolves fro...

August 7, 2019

With the latest regulations (refer to links at the end of this article), and mandatory inspection by April 2020, almost 90% of existing Personal Mobility Devices (PMD) like escooters, ebike-wannabes and such, will rendered obsolete. PMD users might be on the losing end. Here are some tips to be on the winning side.

Use only products that win regulatory approvals. All PABs from TWD bicycle has passed checks by LTA and AIC to conform with the latest safety regulation. The proof is that all PABs sold by TWD bicycle since the beginning are 100% fully and legally attached with LTA...

September 15, 2018

Senior Minister of State for Transport Lam Pin Min said in Parliament on Monday 10 Sep 2018 that all motorized personal mobility devices (PMDs) must meet fire safety standards UL2272 by 2021 to ensure public safety. It will render almost 90% current PMDs obsolete. You can read them here or here and here

How does the new UL2272 PMD ‘safety standard’ affect powered assisted bicycles (PABs) from TWD Bicycles?  The short answer is NIL or not at all

Unlike UL2272 which only tests the battery safety, all our powered assisted bicycles (PAB) have passed more stringent and higher ‘saf...

January 2, 2018

Before we give our opinion, can we ask what are you?

If you are a Superman, Spiderman or Batman, you don’t need one. You can just use your super-power to fly. We want to get in touch with you, hello?

If you are a normal human being, a cyclist, the answer is most likely Yes.

Unlike PMDs like e-scooter which is illegal on the road and not comfortable in a distance, our new gen e-bikes are legal and designed for easy usage, safer and help you reaching your goal on having healthier lifestyle with FUN and STYLE.

You don't have to get stuck to a boring short routes weeks aft...

December 15, 2017

Buying Smart1S from Apollo Italy would cost as below:

Cost of bicycle (Euro) 1,500 

Price after VAT, Euro 1,860

Cost of economy shipment (Euro) 791 (excluding Lithium Ion battery safety surcharge EU200)

Arriving in Singapore, one need to pay import duties GST around S$ 230

Sending the bike for AIC test, LTA approval, seal and registration and administrative surcharge (assuming one can get LTA type-approval, read more here. Individual application will be rejected, only company or distributor is accepted by LTA) S$810

Time of getting a type approval can be 1 year or m...

December 10, 2017

All information below is only relevant when you intended to have a legal ebike in Singapore. The good reason that you are in this page is because you dislike run afoul with the law and risk $10,000 fine and jail for having illegal non-LTA-registered ebike.

Each Powered Assisted Bicycle or PAB (ebike) has to be inspected by the Authorised Inspection Centre (AIC). The AIC needs to check PAB specification and legal documentations for Land Transport Authority. Singapore LTA need to do a through out check and recheck to ensure public safety.

Even before the PAB is submitt...

December 9, 2017

The easiest way to tell is to look at the LTA seal attached to the Powered Assisted Bicycle (ebike). Each seal has a LTA logo and unique identification number which can be identified and verified to LTA database.

Starting February 2016, only gold/orange LTA sealed is allowed to be type-approved. This new gold standard has more stringent safety standard than the blue seal which is already phased out.

However, getting type approved is one thing but the most important thing any prospective of PAB/ebike buyer should know is that; has the approved PAB/ebike been successfu...

October 27, 2017

In case you haven't notice, Singapore LTA has announced on its website and on One-Motoring websites that enforcement for PAB (power assist bicycle) or ebike will start on February 2018. After such, anyone caught keeping or using unregistered PAB are liable for fine up to $10,000, jail or both. 

Now till February 2018 is a grace period for any PAB owner to register and to have the PAB officially sealed.

October 26, 2017

This famous saying remains true when you are in for 'bargain' ebikes. A legit (street legal) ebikes has to comply with the new LTA + EN15194 standard.

EN15194 is the latest EPAC Standard for Safe e-Bikes. This is the standard accepted for Electronically Power Assisted Cycles (EPAC) which was officially announced by the National Standards Boards (NSBs) of 30 countries (27 EU member states and Iceland, Norway and Switzerland of the European Free Trade Association).

The new European standard EN 15194, aimed at safety and reliability for the user as well as his surroundings.


October 20, 2017

What is an E-brake?

Ebrake is an essential part of ebike "fail safe" safety system design.  Ebrake sensor senses when the rider has applied the brakes and send signal to the controller to stop the motor from surging ahead. Only professional factory built ebikes include front and rear ebrakes as standard safety feature.

Does all the ebikes have ebrake?

NO.  Not all ebikes have ebrakes’ function for front and rear brakes.  Please note that you can ride your ebike without ebrakes. If you do this be sure that your brakes are strong enough to stop the ebike, especially when the moto...

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