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Musings of beautiful days

I reminisce about the early years of my life when I started to cycle. Mostly for the joy of playing outside of my home, fascination with the mechanics, feeling the breeze! All under the watchful eyes of my parents.

As with almost everything under the sun, cycling started to change and carried different meanings for me with time. Once, it was solely a mode of transport. Perched on the child’s seat, either my mom or dad would bring me to school or to nearby places to explore.

Now it is an efficient activity, especially with Power Assisted Bicycles (PABs). I get to exercise (I’m usually on minimal power!), and cover a much larger distance in the same amount of time. Unlike my usual jogging, with the extra distance I experience the views of Singapore— architecture, sunrises, sunsets, and many more.

Here’s to wishing you a beautiful and productive weekend ahead, as we explore the beauty of Singapore together.


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