Pay peanuts, get monkey

This famous saying remains true when you are in for 'bargain' ebikes. A legit (street legal) ebikes has to comply with the new LTA + EN15194 standard.


EN15194 is the latest EPAC Standard for Safe e-Bikes. This is the standard accepted for Electronically Power Assisted Cycles (EPAC) which was officially announced by the National Standards Boards (NSBs) of 30 countries (27 EU member states and Iceland, Norway and Switzerland of the European Free Trade Association).


The new European standard EN 15194, aimed at safety and reliability for the user as well as his surroundings.


In Singapore EN15194 test alone is not enough. LTA has a set of rules and standard to comply with Singapore regulatory standard. That's explain why very few ebikes, even from big players, gets LTA approval which confirm by an Orange/Gold color seal with a serial code.


As a matter of our business principal, we don't give cheap promises. We only sell, when our ebike has been approved and fixed with a genuine orange color LTA seal. Therefore all of our buyers can enjoy a peace of mind when using ebike from us.




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