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Dear TWD team,

First, thank you very much for your availability and kindness when I came to purchase the bike, when you delivered it and when you came home to check it. The service was always perfect and you answered precisely all my questions.

I love biking but find it very tiring in the Singapore heat. The e-bike is, therefore, the perfect solution for me, as it allows me to be outdoor, and to enjoy the ride to work. Coming from Europe, I was a bit disappointed at the bikes offered in the Singapore market until I found the Smart 1S plus. Your bike looks great, it's well equipped and reliable. I can always fold it and take a taxi if it's raining, which is also an advantage when the weather is unpredictable.

All in all, it's a pleasure every morning and afternoon to ride it, and it makes my life much easier and pleasant!

Thank you and the team!



Dear Tony,


I cannot thank you enough for the excellent customer service provided to me last week.  It was simply outstanding.  From the moment I contacted you on WhatsApp (on a public holiday when you were actually closed) to the delivery of my new Smart 1S Plus the very next evening, everything went seamlessly including the number plate transfer via the LTA website.  The test ride you arranged at short notice at my work place was the deal clincher - it took about 30 seconds to make my mind up once I was pedaling.  The power was impressive and the build quality was clear.


For those reading this new to e-bicycles as I was, there are cheaper bikes out there.  However do not buy one without gears.  And make sure you buy one with a decent battery life too.  Also, do make sure it is genuinely LTA-approved as some dealers state it is "compliant" but it may not actually be legal - which would be an expensive mistake.  Ultimately you get what you pay for.


I also own a sit-on scooter but it is so frustrating that you cannot take it onto a road and you are restricted to (crowded) pavements and dedicated cycle paths.  This is the single most frustrating thing about scooter ownership and the biggest advantage of an e-bike - much faster (and longer) journeys.


My first proper ride was about 25km (the computer keeps a number of details about each journey).  I now realize that you need to use both the 5 power settings and the 7-speed Shimano gears in harmony - think of the power settings as your front cog and the gears as your rear cog, for those used to riding bikes.  After about 5-10 minutes it became intuitive.  I tackled some big long hills (big by Singapore standards anyway) and at power level 4 and a low medium gear it was fairly effortless.  The gel saddle was very comfortable too - I hadn't ridden any bicycle for a long time but there was no soreness afterwards.  I averaged about 22km/hour and I wasn't once out of breath (I'm not at all fit and aged 55)  but you do get some gentle exercise and I was glad I had light clothing on in the Singapore sunshine.  


The battery has dropped between 1 and 2 bars after 25km and a couple of short test rides and I used it at all the power levels so that is encouraging and supports the 70km distance claim.  I also cycled with the power off (you have the option to change down to 0) and it just feels like a normal bike.


I bought a bag for the rear parcel shelf which is where I keep my cycle helmet as you must wear a helmet by law when riding an electric bike in Singapore and, if I took the helmet indoors, I would forget it.  I have also bought an iPhone holder for the handle bars as using Google maps (with power cable attached to the USB charging point) will be useful on longer and less familiar journeys.


Overall then a most enjoyable experience - both the faultless customer service from yourself and the quality of the electric bike. For other ex-pats from the UK, this bike appears to be meet the UK's new standards for electric bikes too (max motor size 250 watts) so it will be coming home with me, unlike my scooter!  


Highly recommended!


Best wishes


I recently bought an electric bicycle from Twd and wanted to say thank you

for both the product and service .

Having ridden an electric bike for many years from a competitor - I was impressed by the improvements in spec from the Twd product . Battery life , electrics, weight etc all a notable improvement.


Furthermore Tony was excellent in providing very helpful service ensuring the bike was working properly and very prompt to respond to any requests .


Would recommend the company and bikes to others looking for a convenient way to commute

Thanks again



Hi TWD bicycle


Recently i purchased smart 1S from you. I'm completely noob in electric bike as i never owned one, though i read a lot in web. I was initially thinking to get non geared electric bike like xiaomi qicycle, tsinova, or epique bike because I was not sure why we need manual gear when we already have the electric motor. Then i came across TWD bicycle website, showing the Apollo smart 1S. My initial impression was it really looked beautiful, and the appearance was just like a normal foldable bike, no bulky battery tagging along. 


Then i called TWD bicycle (Tony)  to enquire about it. I was really pleased with his response. Not only he explained the difference between the smart 1S and the other e-bikes in the market, he offered to meet me where i was and let me try the smart 1S for myself. When i saw the bike for the first time, immediately i noticed it was more beautiful than in the photos. The bike was also fully equipped with front and tail lights and bell, so i don't need to buy anything else. When i tried, I was completely impressed with the pedal assist the bike offered. It has a better feel than the competitor i tried. The e-brake feature is also an important safety feature to me as I'm not used to any e-bike before.The saddle is surprisingly very comfortable since it is a Royal Gel saddle. Tony also mentioned that he would do all the lta registration, and i simply need to approve the transfer process. After the excellent service and the test, decision to purchase was easy.


Moving on 5 days later, owning this bike has been a great motivation for me to exercise, in fact it becomes quite addictive. The battery seems quite lasting as per specification. I traveled about 25km+ majority using  pedal assist 1-2 (sometimes 3-4 for climbing road), and the battery level drop 1 bar (almost 2 bars i think) from full charge. I also realize how important the manual gear is. I changed the manual gear to cater for cycling fast on level road or cycling on climbing road while keeping the pedal assist level constant. I'm glad i didn't buy gearless e-bike. The comfort of the bike is really superb due to the royal gel saddle, i didn't feel any pain cycling 15km straight (usually i felt uncomfortable after cycling just a short distance using the rental bike). The removable battery (protected by lock and key to prevent battery theft)  is also a great plus (unlike the much more expensive gocycle which has non-removable battery), as i will be able to remove it when i want to park the e-bike outdoor, and not worrying the battery will get damaged. 


Overall i really recommend this bike to anyone considering for e-bike.


Thanks TWD bicycle for recommending this e-bike and for your great service.




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We thank you for each and everyone of our valued customers. We hope you enjoy your excellent choice and purchase as much as we do. Happy e-cycling

- From all of us at TWD Bicycle Pte Ltd -

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