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Singapore Cycling and Power Assisted Bicycle (PAB) Theory Test? No Sweat..

Starting from 30 June 2021, Cyclist PAB users in Singapore need to pass an online theory test for riding on the road or cycling paths. From 1 Jan 2022, it is required to pass the theory test before one can ride on cycling paths and on roads.

The test covers basic road and path safety. It is intended for riders to get familiar with active mobility rules, road traffic act, general code of conduct, and safe riding behavior. For more information on 100 pages PAB theory test handbook visit LTA One Motoring. You can download the theory book in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil at One Motoring website.

The actual test will be 40 multiple questions in 40 minutes, and at least 32 questions need to be correct to pass. For sample of multiple choice test click here. For actual test, you can register at Singapore Polytechnic link here

Where to Ride your Bicycle, PAB, PMD and PMA?

Knowing where you can ride and the speed limits are good for yourself and others. Riders can face penalties if caught speeding or riding on the wrong path or road.

Cycling Paths and Park Connectors can be easily identified by markings on the ground (see examples below).