PAB Buying Guide in Singapore

Congratulation, the fact that you landed on this page, you probably are aware of the Active Mobility Bill, rules on the spaces where personal mobility devices (PMDs) such e-scooters, hoverboard, unicycle, etc, and Power Assisted Bicycle or Electric Bicycle commonly known as e-bike may be used.

With so many PDMs and e-Bikes to choose from, making your purchase can be an intimidating and frustrating experience.

There is so much effort required to learn and consider about these mobility devices. We make it easy for you to gather your facts:

Official page for active mobility by LTA

Latest LTA press release on mobility:

Latest Active Mobility Bill

Then you want to considers few facts before buying:


Are these the only criteria to consider before making your buying decision? Almost! There are other practical criteria to consider, these include:

  • Lifestyle and primary purpose: for commuting to work or for recreational rides; Will you be hauling heavy loads during these commute? Do you want to get some exercise to stay healthy on your commute?

  • Cycling distance: Is long range intra-HDB town cycling important or only for cycling to MRT stations and neighborhood centers?

  • Storage: Do you intend to bring onboard MRT? How you intend to store the PMDs or e-Bikes, indoor or outdoor? Is it safe from theft and vandalism?

  • Weight:  Weight plays an important role how an e-bike may or may not fit in your needs. Heavier bikes are harder to lift onto the bike rack.


Why would anyone want an e-Bike?

The future of car-lite Singapore means more cycling infrastructures are built for general population. Now you can take advantage and exploring car-free existing park connectors [link to full article ]. Each of the following Park Connector loops offer the stressful city dwellers lots of scenic and tranquil waterfront views, and loads of opportunities to unwind, rejuvenate and getting a full workout:

  • List of Park Connectors

  • North East Riverine Loop, a 26 km biking trial with plenty of nature and relaxing waterfronts.

  • Northern Explorer Loop, it’s a 17.5 km trail which takes you from Pasir Ris Town Park to East Coast Park with great food stops along the way.

  • Eastern Coastal Loop, this 15 km loop takes you from Changi to City area and Admiralty Park, where nature lovers can attempt to stop wildlife at Sungai Cina’s fresh water swaps before making a final stop at Singapore’s longest coastal jetty in Woodlands Waterfront.

  • Western Adventure Loop, a challenging 12km trial where the eagle-eyed may spot a variety of birds like Pacific Swallow and the White-Bellied Sea Eagle.


Well, the promise of being able to ride further, faster, efficiency in climbing stiff slops, e-bike offer great benefits and taking the hard work out of cycling. Put simply, an e-bike is a motorized bike that will provide extra power when you are pedaling. This extra oomph will takes away the sweats, arriving at work fresh, or enabling many more to enjoy longer distance recreational rids offered by existing park connectors.


Buy a PDMs or e-Bike?


If you need a mobility device for short commute around your private compound or a flat terrain nearby, PDMs, particularly e-scooter probably suitable. Please note that PMDs are illegal to use in the street. For safer and longer commute, an e-bike may just be what you need.


What e-Bike should I buy?


There are many criteria to consider before finding an e-bike that suits your need. This checklist may help you better evaluate and compare different makes and models you are considering.


If you want to feel your freedom, go further, taking the future now and option to stay healthy or a relaxing pace, why not contact us for a test ride.

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