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MAINTENANCE COST, why our customers keep smiling

Many have asked us how much the maintenance cost is for Apollo Smart1 and Mars.

When we say the cost is very minimal, many of our buyers initially could not believe, as they have actually spent a lot of money to change tyres, brakes, or batteries and other parts on their PMD or lower quality PAB.

Our bikes are of premium quality, so users can expect high quality components and parts that are longer lasting than other options.

One example is our tyre. The Smart and Mars’ Kenda tyres are specially design for e-bikes which factors in for extra load, superior grip either in wet or dry season. Embedded in each tyre is the wire mesh a similar construction of motorcycle tyre that gives robust stability, safety and durability. They are grippy, stable and yet not easily punctured unlike the soft rubber tyre of others that can even be folded.

Below are the picture of Smart tyre ($30) worn off condition after approximately 3,000 km of usage to compare with new tyre. The satisfied customer decided to replace them for preventive safety measure. The tyres were not once punctured.

Front tyre after approximatel 3,000 km