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WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN – The Secret of Winning with Power Assisted Bicycles (PAB)

With the latest regulations (refer to links at the end of this article), and mandatory inspection by April 2020, almost 90% of existing Personal Mobility Devices (PMD) like escooters, ebike-wannabes and such, will rendered obsolete. PMD users might be on the losing end. Here are some tips to be on the winning side.

Use only products that win regulatory approvals. All PABs from TWD bicycle has passed checks by LTA and AIC to conform with the latest safety regulation. The proof is that all PABs sold by TWD bicycle since the beginning are 100% fully and legally attached with LTA orange tag. Our PABs are not rendered obsolete by the new battery regulations. It means no worries – using PABs, you can keep using, saving, and earning!

Use only products that win the reputation for safety and satisfaction. TWD Bicycle deals with integrity, with customer satisfaction rate being testament to our pledge to premium quality. Since the beginning our company has taken a stance not to pass any doubtful or low safety standard product for a quick profit. We will not sell products at risk of soon becoming obsolete by regulation – or worse, at risk of burning. We don’t want our customers and their friends to be in a losing situation!

Use only products that win legal rights to use the road. PAB users can use the road legally - and avoid pedestrians along the pavement. So go ahead, feel free to use the shared paths, park connectors, and the roads. Legal PAB users don’t need to be slowed down by pedestrians sharing paths already overcrowded with PMDs.

Use only products that win over the limitation of speed. PAB users need not be limited by 10km/h speed limit. At that rate, it might be more pleasant to walk, rather than balancing on wheels at crawling speed. PABs can bring you three times faster to your destination, or your customers. There is no losing precious time!