Real costs of buying an ebike from EU

Updated: Jan 3

Buying Smart1S from Apollo Italy would cost as below:

Cost of bicycle (Euro) 1,500

Price after VAT, Euro 1,860

Cost of economy shipment (Euro) 791 (excluding Lithium Ion battery safety surcharge EU200)

Arriving in Singapore, one need to pay import duties GST around S$ 230

Sending the bike for AIC test, LTA approval, seal and registration and administrative surcharge (assuming one can get LTA type-approval, read more here. Individual application will be rejected, only company or distributor is accepted by LTA) S$810

Time of getting a type approval can be 1 year or more

No local support

1Euro is approximately S$1.6

If the buyer does not need LTA registration, the cost will be around SGD 4,538. If one would like to get LTA seal and approval (assuming he or she can get it) it will be around SGD 5,348

Our price for Smart1S with LTA registration, seal and approval is only SGD 2,999 Buying from us has many benefits, such as local support and warranty from trustable company TWD Bicycle, but at least one can instantly save up to S$2,349.

Happy e-cycling

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