Getting on UL2272 ‘new’ safety standard fever?

Updated: Jan 3

Senior Minister of State for Transport Lam Pin Min said in Parliament on Monday 10 Sep 2018 that all motorized personal mobility devices (PMDs) must meet fire safety standards UL2272 by 2021 to ensure public safety. It will render almost 90% current PMDs obsolete. You can read them here or here and here

How does the new UL2272 PMD ‘safety standard’ affect powered assisted bicycles (PABs) from TWD Bicycles? The short answer is NIL or not at all

Unlike UL2272 which only tests the battery safety, all our powered assisted bicycles (PAB) have passed more stringent and higher ‘safety standards’ not one but two European safety standards (EN 14764 and EN 15194) which cover more extensively than just battery safety.

EN 14764 specifies safety and performance requirements for the design, assembly, and testing of bicycles and sub-assemblies intended for use on public roads, and lays down guidelines for instructions on the use and care of such bicycles

EN 15194 gives requirements for electric power assisted cycles (EPAC). EN 15194 specifies safety requirements and test methods for the assessment of the design and assembly of electrically power assisted bicycles and sub-assemblies for systems using battery and battery charger. It also specifies requirements and test methods for engine power management systems, electrical circuits including the charging system for the assessment of the design and assembly of electrically power assisted cycles and sub-assemblies. It contains safety requirements for electric circuits; batteries; electric cables and connections; power management; Electro Magnetic Compatibility; maximum speed for which the electric motor gives assistance; maximum power measurement; labelling and manuals.

We at TWD have invested years of hard work and capitals to bring up PABs that conform to EN 14764 and EN 15194 safety standards. Unlike those who cry foul to the new rules, we at TWD Bicycle take of our customers’ safety seriously.

Our customers can have a peace of mind knowing that all PABs sold by our company are of the highest safety standard and pass all of the latest LTA regulations.

When we say care for your safety, we really mean it from the bottom of our heart.

Happy e-cycling

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