Do I need an ebike?

Updated: Feb 1

Before we give our opinion, can we ask what are you?

If you are a Superman, Spiderman or Batman, you don’t need one. You can just use your super-power to fly. We want to get in touch with you, hello?

If you are a normal human being, a cyclist, the answer is most likely Yes.

Unlike PMDs like e-scooter which is illegal on the road and not comfortable in a distance, our new gen e-bikes are legal and designed for easy usage, safer and help you reaching your goal on having healthier lifestyle with FUN and STYLE.

You don't have to get stuck to a boring short routes weeks after weeks because go distance is tiring in manual bicycle. With geared motorized electric bicycle you can go further, explore more, go up and down roads and tackle the distance with ease.

So go ahead, cycle more, exercise and enjoy the calories with less guilt with selection of Euro e-bikes from TWD Bicycle.

I am cycling to exercise, do I still need an ebike?

If you enjoy cycling in your home, the answer is No. You probably need a static cycle.

Otherwise, our power assisted bicycles do not rob your effort to exercise. When you want to burn more calories, just set the electric assistance to zero and our e-bikes will function just like a normal non-motorized bicycle.

When you feel you are burning enough calories and want to relax a little bit than just set the electric assistance available from level 1 to 5 (eco to power). When electric assist is on, you will feel as if the rear hub motor gently help pushing forward. Cycling has never been so fun.

With computer display controller near the grip, you can set major functions 'on the fly' without the need to stop, to take your mobile phone out and load an apps just to change few settings.

Why buy e-bikes from TWD Bicycle?

It is like buying 2 good bicycles in one. Our latest gen PAB/e-bikes function as good manual bicycle plus a good motorized electric motor system.

We only sell tested and proven Apollo PABs which are durable and enjoyable to cycle everyday with no worry of breakdowns commonly occurs on cheaper low quality PABs.

As official distributor of Apollo and Allegro we provide full local support and availability of genuine parts for each models. And as a matter of our business principal don't give out cheap promises or do monkey businesses. We don't dangle the LTA EN15194 compliance pre-order gimmicks, in advertisement or in online marketplaces.

We only sell fully legal Power Assisted Bicycles (PABs) that have been approved and registered by Land Transport Authority of Singapore and fixed with a genuine orange tag LTA seal. All of our buyers can enjoy a peace of mind, cycling more without worry when using PAB/ebike from us.

Here is the official list of LTA approved PABs

What kind e-bikes should I buy?

If you need a compact, light and foldable e-bike for zipping around town with ease, then have a look at our SMART1S with 20' tyre

If you are a stylo and cycle like a pro, have a look at our city hybrid MARS MTB with 27.5" tyre.

The electric motor will propel your bicycle 0-25kmh faster than manual bicycles. It is seriously FUN.

How far can the ebike go before the battery depleted?

In eco setting a new well maintained battery can easily go up to 80km before a need to recharge. It can go even further because it will still function as manual bicycle when the battery is depleted. Otherwise a spare original Lithium-ion removable battery is available for purchase from us as optional.

I cycle to work, will my bike battery damaged to heat if I leave it parked on the sun?

Smart1S battery casing is removable with a key included. User can simply remove it and use it as a power bank to charge your mobile devices, or charged it for full power.

Which one is better? Front hub motor or rear hub motor?

Most experts agree that a rear motor hub offers better ride quality, more traction and safer. Rear hub motor is the most natural to cycle. The front hub motor is more prone to slippage that can cause accident especially during wet.

All TWD Bicycle PABs/e-bike are rear hub motor, and built in with safety systems. User's comfort and safety are off high priority and because we are cyclist too. We don't take user comfort and safety lightly to substitute with sub par quality.

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