Money Can Buy Happiness ... And More!

“Money can't buy happiness” is a myth. We just need to know how. Here is an example, of how electric bicycle has the potential to bring not only happiness and healthier lifestyle, but also extra cash, and even time to enjoy all of the above!

1. Experiences, Not Products

When buying an electric bicycle, see it as more than an object.

Imagine the pleasant cycling experience. The healthy lifestyle. The quality time spent with loved ones. The relationships formed. Enjoying the sights and sounds and smells of nature. The freedom of not being in a glass cage.

Wouldn't those bring some happiness? They are intangible, but precious. How much would all that worth?

2. Long Term View

Not all spending are equal.

Some spending, namely instant gratification (such as tobacco, impulsive shopping, etc) has limited enjoyment span. The hidden cost, however, might still need to be paid far into the future, invisible at the moment. Such as debts (plus interests), or the detriments to health, which is costly.

Some other spending, on the other hand, has benefits that not only lasts longer, but also accumulates positively over time. Think of all the health benefits a good workout will bring – from the happy hormone in the short run to the lower medical cost in the long run.

Accumulate benefits. Not only will we feel good now, our older self will thank us much later.

3. Show Me The Money!

With distance coverage of up to 70km per charge, what is an e-bike an alternative to? That's right! Not just other bicycles, but e-bikes can replace even car/taxi/ride-sharing rides. Which means all the savings from parking, fuels, ERP... you name it.

Savings over time will more than offset the initial cost. Think of what you can do with all those cold hard cash!

So by buying e-bikes, you will get not only pleasant experiences, with long term benefits that accrues over time, but actually extra cash which is up to you do decide what to do with, as you wish!

4. Currency Of Life

If time is money, and money can buy happiness, what we need is more time. But time is something money can't buy, right?

With e-bikes, there is no need to queue for taxi. Or waiting for apps to find us drivers, only to wait for the drivers to pick us up, after dropping another passenger first, of course.

Ultimately, e-bikes can even save us time for those medium distance rides. Extra time, all yours to enjoy, even though money can't buy it.

5. The Big Picture

Happiness. Health. Money. Time. They are all inter-related.

It is perhaps of no use to have some but not lacking on the others. Our resources might be limited. We might have to trade off and balance.

Sometimes we have to step back and look at our lives in totality. Let the jigsaw pieces fit together in harmony. The simple solution could be the best.

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