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5 basic tips to overcome sore muscles

Cycling is a type of endurance training, so though the ride may be beautiful, enjoyable and thrilling, the aftermath of sore muscles sometimes is not. Though muscle aches post cycling can feel motivating, you don’t have to live through the pain.

Sometimes, having sore muscles means they have been overworked. Instead, you may increase the intensity and distance of the workout progressively (+ 10% each time) to reduce muscle soreness. That could also include increasing the power on your PAB when needed, so you do not push yourself too much and injure yourself!

Here are 5 easy ways to soothe sore muscles from cycling:

1. Warm up

Warming up prepares your muscles for the actual workout that happens while cycling. It also aids in circulation and relieves tension, bringing more oxygen to your muscles. When this happens, you are warming up on a cellular level, and the oxygen will metabolize lactic acid build up in your muscles.

2. Cool down

Immediately after exercising, it is important to cool down to restore your body and muscles back into their form. Though a simple habit, this will help ease tension and reduce soreness.

3. Refuel

Certain foods and food groups are helpful in soothing sore muscles, and fighting inflammation. Something interesting I have learnt recently is tart cherry juice has been used by athletes for years to reduce recovery time after an intense routine! Cherries are a great sour