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Activity for all ages

The first time my mom mentioned she was going cycling with my dad and their friends was this year, and I thought they were going to be away for about an hour. Instead, my parents were away for much more than that, and I was shocked when I learned the tracker recorded that they cycled over 30km! Other than the occasional walks at the park, exercise was usually limited to window shopping along Orchard Road. I was worried she may have overworked her muscles or she may be too tired, but she was completely ok.

She was grinning and sharing about the cycling trip, and how much she enjoyed the cooling breeze and sights while cycling on Smart 1S. The compact size meant she was not daunted by the height and size of the bicycle, which significantly lifted her worry of falling while cycling. With the whole family exercising, we are happy we get to spend time together, enjoying the sights and sounds of the outdoors.

The endless, timeless articles and medical journals available on the benefits of exercises are reflections of the real-life stories and joys of exercise. There are even studies where exercise is comparative to psychotherapy or antidepressant medications in treating depression. Some other benefits of exercising include better sleep, effects of relaxation by reducing anxiety.

Exercise is still relevant for adults over the age of 55: Moderate Intensity Continuous Training (MICT) such as cycling, is the optimal choice for adults, combined with stretching. MICT type exercises are most effective in improving sleep in adults. With sleep being optimal for health but declining in quality with age, having the medically proven option to improve it (in such a fun, easy way!) is like finding gold. ☺

Remember to spread your exercise throughout the week, and check with a doctor before starting any new exercise program or if you have any chronic health conditions.


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