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Favourite sunsets (in Singapore)

Sunsets are unique, they look different in different countries, and they look different every single day. There are numerous factors involved into “producing” a sunset of the day: The Sun and its distance, clouds, humidity, air pollution levels and even the temperature.

With every passing moment, light and colours shift.

Marina Bay Sands Broadwalk

This is why whenever I notice a sunset/evening sky I like, I will not hesitate to snap a photo. It is so convenient to photograph with smartphones!

While taking in the fleeting sunsets, I will feel grateful that I am at the right place and at the right time to catch them. Of course, while cycling, I must remember to focus on the path and not too much on the sky, so pausing for a moment to document the scenery helps me to enjoy the sunset well after my cycling session. It puts a smile on my face weeks, or even years after, when I view the photograph again.

Come, as we time travel together into the past to revisit some evening skies I caught while strolling/ cycling in Singapore:

Gardens By The Bay

Views from Gardens By The Bay, Upper Pierce Reservoir, Marina Bay Sands

Overhead bridge along Jurong Town Hall Road

Upper Pierce Reservoir


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