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5 Reasons to love E-Bikes

The greater, greener good in Singapore is the E-bike. This microbility option is a step into a greener Singapore. With increased support by the government in building the Park Connector Network (PCN), leisure and traveling by cycling has become more extensive, and fun. We are more connected to our destinations in Singapore than ever before. Here are 5 basic reasons to love your E-Bike:

1. Zero emissions

When traveling by E-bike, there are zero emissions during your leisure or daily commute. E-bikes are charged by electricity, do not have exhausts, nor toxic fumes and do not contribute to air or noise pollution.

E-bikes can be a totally clean mode of transport in Singapore, seeing that Singapore is moving towards renewable power. Soon, we will be able to charge our bikes with solar power.

2. Long lasting batteries

The rechargeable battery found in most E-Bikes are lithium, unlike motor vehicle batteries that contain lead. Lithium batteries last 3-4 times longer than lead acid batteries. Also, if the lithium battery does wear out in the long run, South-East Asian’s first lithium battery recycling facility opened in Singapore earlier this year, so recycling your e-waste is very convenient.

3. User Friendly

Bicycles are relatively easy to use, and if one is physically able, it is never too late to learn! Just last month my friends went to cycle, and we taught one of our friends how to cycle— through encouragement and determination he was able to cycle in just about an hour. With practice, he is now comfortable to go on regular solo cycling trips.

4. Portable

Foldable options such as Smart 1S can be brought on to public transport if needed. Also this particular series is about 2kg lighter than similar aluminium E-Bikes in the market.

5. Low maintenance

With lesser machinery, E-Bikes require relatively less maintenance, especially if it has been made well.

The choice for E-Bikes is supported with recent global (and Asian) market growth for E-Bikes. Car manufacturers are realising cities are overpopulated with cars, and cars may not be feasible as the top transportation choice in such areas. So if you are looking to further minimize your carbon footprint, or need another reason to motivate you to use your E-Bike, you can start with your commute.

Cycling does not have to be tiring, slow, or cumbersome. With the right E-Bike model for you, you will be swift and happy even in the years to come.


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