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After you’ve got your Sing-cation plan on 2 wheels made up, now perhaps is the time to choose what kind of 2-wheelers you want to ride on. The last thing you need is to get stuck for a PAB that is going for a song, promise for a moon, and only to get discontinued because is a trash. Bicycle comes in various models and features. Be it manual or electrified known as PAB (power assisted bicycle) in Singapore. Be it low end, medium or high end. Price ranges from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands. Quality and user’s satisfaction vary following the price. Many PABs to choose from, either from the officially LTA approved or gambling with illegal PABs under compliance gimmick or never been approved pre-order Going for officially approved PABs like Apollo SMART or MARS has many advantages; you can read more about it at The selection process can be a challenge. Here are some pointers to help you make the right decision and start riding happily during Sing-cation

1. CONSIDER YOUR NEEDS Electric bicycles or PABs are designed for different people and different purposes. You need to decide what features is most important for you. If comfort, agility and easy storage are important, then the foldable Apollo SMART1 may be best. If going out of the path with some hill climbing is crucial then a hybrid hardtail like Apollo MARS may be the one to look for. If riding long distances is your cup of tea, consider the possibility of adding a spare battery as option. Understanding your personal needs will help you pick what features matter most on your electric power assisted bicycle

2. CHOOSE YOUR SUPPLIER/RETAILER WISELY Buying a PAB should be more than just buying a product. You need to get to know the supplier of retailer as they will end up to give you the support. You need to know the level of trust, service and commitment you will eventually get. You can search for user’s comments on google and see if the seller is genuinely good or otherwise.

Knowing the level of commitment, trust and overall quality of the seller or distributor will help you make the most of your PAB years down the road and avoid junking it due to low quality component and product obsolesce

3. TEST RIDE SEVERAL BIKES Perhaps the most important—and fun—part of buying an electric bicycle is test riding. Trying an electric bicycle allows you to put aside specs and reviews and research and just answer the most basic question: Do I love this bike? If yes, then start asking a few other questions: Does it give me electric assistance in the way I need it to? Does it fit me in the way I would like it to? Does it have the quality and functionality I would like? Does it have gears for climbing? Make positively sure you test-ride several bikes before deciding to purchase. There is a huge different from paper specification and qualitative factor that can only be discerned by actually riding the bicycle.

Call or text us at 9738 9114 to book your test ride.

4. HAVE HIGH EXPECTATIONS The electric bike is a revolutionary mode of 2 wheelers transportation. Quality electric bicycles are here at TWD Bicycle. They are reliable, powerful, useful, and a joy to use. All in all, an electric bicycle can be life changing. That being said, not all electric bicycles are created equal. There are many electric bicycles out there that are far from the ideal of a modern, quality machine. There are many that are not design for durability and can withstand water and rain in this tropical Singapore. It is up to you as buyer and user to set your expectations high and demand the best.

5. THE WARRANTY AND LOCAL SUPPORT MATTERS Buying an electric bicycle can be a big investment, regardless of whether it is $1000 or $10000. With a warranty and local support you can rest assured that your investment is worth it. A local warranty and local support are to expect from distributor like TWD Bicycle instead of general importer or re seller. We encounter many requests from other brands’ users whose PABs risking become junks soon after due to unavailability of spare parts from their respective importers and sellers.

6. TRUST YOUR INTUITION It may seem like a jungle of contradictory information out there, and that is not far from the truth. There are many choices, lots of opinions, and not much in the way of trusted organizations that certify and review electric bicycles in a systematic manner. What is someone to do? The best strategy is to put your trust in your intuition. If something is too good to be true, it probably is. Better stay away from sellers that cannot give full support and don’t bother with your safety and well-being 7. TAKE THE LONG VIEW Being environmentally sustainable is about more than just running on electricity: it’s about the way the pab is built, the quality of its construction, and the after-purchase service to keep it in great condition. One can expect for the PAB to last five to ten years with regular service. You need to ensure that the PAB will get the support later rather than thrown in the trash.

8. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR It is not cheap to build a good electric bicycle that is reliable and has quality components. One can expect to pay at around $3000 and up for electric bicycle (PAB) that is with international standard, smooth and reliable. The good news is that a quality PAB can pay for itself very quickly, and that does not even account for the happiness bonus. Read about it here


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