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Now you have made a plan. A good Sing-cation 2 wheels scenic route journeys plan.

The last thing you want in your trip is for your new Power Assisted Bicycle (PAB) to break like a cheap piece of trash or to give you troubles along the way. Major problem can be caused by the brake that is not good enough to stop you in time or perhaps the cheap abrupt electric motor that can throw you off balance and out.

How about a minor problem but can make a big different for your safety, like a cheap front light that is not bright enough to illuminate the path, or maybe the small tyres that cannot handle the potholes sufficiently. Never mind the single gear and the unintuitive hardware that make it impossibly hard to get the motor assistance on sharp incline slope from stop.

And what about the reliability of cheap substandard PAB components that start to break down after few trips, or design flaws that causing harm to your health in the long run?

All those are real potential problems found in substandard PABs that can spoil your journey and Sing-cation. A wrong PAB selection can be more dangerous for your well-being if not more so than the COVID19 itself. Read these potential problems pointed out by cycling expert INC it at:

Even when others take your safety and well-being as jokes, we prefer to stay true to our integrity and commitment. One thing you can always count on is that, TWD Bicycle Singapore and its PABs selection like Apollo MARS or SMART, will continue to be a benchmark for safety, solidness, reliability, toughness, quality, and fun to use no matter the circumstances.

Now you can shop online for your PAB and enjoy free shipping for the month of March 2020 via

Easy credit card instalment with 12 months 0% interest is available at TWD Bicycle Lazada shop:

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How to plan for PAB purchase wisely. You don't want to get stuck for a PAB that is going for a song, promise for a moon, and only to get discontinued because is a trash.


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