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When things get tough, the Toughs get going. Tip 1 BEATING THE TRAVEL BLUES, 2 WHEEL SING-CATION

With more COVID-19 lockdowns, overseas travelling becomes cumbersome if not outright infeasible. Flocking to popular crowded places like Orchard Road is also a no-no. Constant holing up at home and become inactive is bad for health. So why not take this opportunity to venture outdoor in two wheels for wide open space, and enjoying car-free Singapore scenic routes while keeping safe distance from crowds?

You don’t need to be a Tour de France winner to enjoy a long, scenic bike ride. With high quality PABs (battery Power Assisted Bicycles) like Apollo SMART1S or MARS from TWD Bicycle, cycling further should become easy and enjoyable. There is no need to struggle, or punishing your body due to bad design or cheap substandard components.

In whatever situations, one thing you can always count on is that TWD Bicycle PABs selection will continue to be a benchmark of toughness, quality craftsmanship, reliability, dependability, safe and fun to use no matter the circumstances. Read a free full review of TWD Bicycle Smart PAB by Singapore a cyclist enthusiast Inc at:

With over $1 billion investment brought forward to expand the new Island-wide Cycling Network (ICN) to make Singapore a cleaner, greener city, now more reasons for anyone to fun out and plan the journeys on the cycling path network.

Take a look at 40km beautiful East to West coastal scenic biking path that are sure to please cyclists at any level. Or if you are game enough why not exploring the round island parks and connectors? Here is the link for extensive cycling network in Singapore (open in google map)

At the East Coast Park area one can enjoy fun family time at the new bike trails near the famous seafood centre, or cycling further to Bedok Jetty to catch some fish.